• David LOST 125 lbs!
  • Christine LOST 55 lbs!
  • Women typically lose 20 – 30 pounds in 42 days!
  • Men typically lose 30 – 45 pounds in 42 days!

Steak Day & Alternatives

steakAt any time during P3 or P4 if, after weighing yourself in the morning, you see that you have gone over your LSW+2 you need to do a Steak Day THAT DAY!!

Begin by fasting throughout the morning & afternoon. In other words, do NOT eat anything all day. Then, for dinner have a HUGE steak! Eat as much as you can.  Hot sauces, seasonings, mustard, etc are fine to use but don’t use anything with sugar. You will also eat either an apple OR raw tomato. Drink as much water throughout the day as you can to help hydrate & flush your body.  You may drink tea & coffee but do not add any milk, cream or sugar. The next morning you should drop 1-4 lbs.

It is very important to keep your weight within the LSW +/-2 because you are making a new set point for your body.  If you see your weight creeping up and want to avoid a Steak Day then the following is an option. Drink a lot of water throughout the day, eat protein for breakfast (ie: eggs, bacon, or quality protein shake without milk), at lunch eat a whole can of water packed tuna or chicken (can be mixed with 1 tsp mayonnaise) on lettuce or with celery, have a big portion of protein at dinner along with a small salad. This option is not intended to replace the Steak Day but only to drop some weight when you are getting close to a required Steak Day. It will usually bring your weight down a pound or so the next day. Try it and see if it works for YOUR body.

Steak Day Alternatives

The key to a Steak Day is the very high protein diet so a couple of other options have been created that you can try instead of a Steak Day.

Baked SalmonOPTION 1:
Try a Salmon Day. Simply replace the steak with salmon and still have an apple or raw tomato. Remember to fast until dinner time. This option seems to have results fairly equal to a Steak Day. Great for blood type A.

Try a Protein Day. Eat only proteins throughout the day. Eat as often as you like and as much as you like. Some choices might be: eggs, cottage cheese, Greek or regular yogurt (plain), almonds, peanut butter, fish (salmon, tuna, etc.), pork (bacon, ham), chicken, etc.  Do not eat any fruit, vegetables, sugars or starches.

Never do two Steak or Salmon Days in a row!  If you find yourself still above your LSW then you may choose to follow the Protein Day (option 2) for a second day.

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